Niche wall shelf

After the movement in a new flat i need to restructure my working desk. For enough space for the PCB parts and the whole stuff i decide to go up and mount some Ikea eket cabinets at the wall.

To get a good look, i decide to mount the Ikea eket cabinets not direct at the right wall. Now there is some free space at the wall between the 70x25x35cm Ikea eket cabinet and the right wall. So it would be nice to have some more space for the parts and other stuff. So i decide to add three shelfs in the niche. To get a good look and not a to clean look. I choose a beech wood for the shelves.

So i buy 800x200x18mm beech wood, for under 5 euro, at the hardware store. I cut it in three 25x20cm parts and smooth the surface with 320 sandpaper.

Now its time to make the cutouts for the wall mounting. I printed some 230x8x8mm holder for the wall to hold the shelf on each side.

After the printing i cut out a 10x10mm area, with the length +3mm, at the bottom side area of the shelf. For this i used a CNC cutting machine. You can also use a rebate cutter with a router for the cutouts.

After this i coat the beech shelf with wood oil.

Now we can start to mount the shelf in the niche. I used a cross line laser to drill the holes in the wall and the cabinet at the right positions.

I did it for every of the three shelves. After this i mount the 3d printed holder with 5mm dowels and 3.5mm screws at the wall.

After this i also mount the printed holder with 2.2x16mm screws in the Ikea eke cabinet. Now i add 3M 9088 double side duct tape on the top side of the 3d printed holder to fix the beech shelf at the printed holder. After this we can insert the shelves.

Now the three shelves are in the niche between wall and the Ikea eket cabinet. The oiled beech wood tone looks great with the white Ikea eket.

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