Mega 4808 and Optiboot bootloader

The Mega 4808 can normally programmed over UPDI. The UPDI Interface is great, you need only one data wire and ground, but in some cases you wanna program the microcontroller at your board and you don´…

Mega 4808 sleep modes

In most every project your microcontroller does not run all the time. You also don´t want to waste battery capacity, so you should set your microcontroller into a sleep mode.

Mega 4808 Arduino and Serial (UART)

You wanna use the Arduino serial (UART) with a Mega 4808 board? No, problem. The Mega 4808 has three serial (UART) interfaces. Here you can read on which pins you can use the serial (UART) interface a…

Arduino Mega 4808 minimal board

For testing your code for the Mega 4808 with Arduino you need a board where every pin is accesable.

3D printed holder for ESP32 frontplate

The PCB for the ESP32 frontplate is done and works. Now its time to build a enclosure for it.