CNC cutted acrylic frontpanel for ESP 32 frontplate

The 3D printed holder for the ESP 32 is finished and needs a good looking frontpanel.

Quality of potentiometer knobs

For the ESP 32 frontpanel i ordered some potentiometer from china. After they arrived, i am very disappointed with the quality. In the following post i wanna show you the disadvantages of some to chea…

3D printed holder for ESP32 frontplate

The PCB for the ESP32 frontplate is done and works. Now its time to build a enclosure for it.

PCB ESP32 frontpanel for universal audio amplifier

For a time i build the iniversal audio amplifier with a PT2033 which can be programmed over I²C. Now its time to make a frontpanel to control this amplifier

Universal audio amplifier with TDA7377 [2.0, 2.1, 4.0]

Every speaker builder now the moment when you have an idea for your own customized speaker and you are searching for an amplifier which fits the needs. Most of the chinese Amplifiers has a horrible ba…